Radiation Hard DC/DC POL-Converter (Point of Load Converter)

●  Key component for next generation communication satellites (but also applications in nuclear (e.g. LHC) & medical (e.g. CT equipment)
●  Demanding technical specifications

   •  High input voltage >12V

   •  >4A per chip, >10A with multiphase operation

   •  Target efficiency >90%

   •  Protection circuitry

   •  Radiation hardness for total dose and single-event effects

●  No other product available (all <7V due to power device failure)
●  Lower grade products are not available for European/Asean customers because products from USA are export restricted (ITAR)
●  Currently running R&D project with IHP + KT, (partial) DLR financing
●  advICo is experienced with rad-hard DC/DC converters for lower voltages (6V input)

Comparison of radiation hardness between an old advICo design EN5360 with several competitors (study by Yale University, made for CERN/LHC equipment screening)